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Hello and welcome to Rickbi Hearing Clinic.

We are an independent family owned and operated hearing clinic. We presently have four locations to serve you and provide the necessary help required for your hearing health care. We sincerely believe that anyone with a hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids but first you must recognise and accept that you have communication issues. Therefore, at Rickbi Hearing Clinic our philosophy is “THE ONLY PERSON WHO NEEDS A HEARING AID IS A PERSON WHO WANTS A HEARING AID”.

We will never try to convince you that you need hearing aids. We perform a complete diagnostic hearing assessment, explain the results, suggest a course of action or inaction and then allow you the time you need to make an informed decision.


Patrick Christian (The Father)

I am a board certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. I have been involved in the hearing health care industry since 1987, first working for a major hearing aid manufacturer, then going into private practice in 2005. I have an unwavering passion for this profession and encouraged my son, Benjamin, to join me in my life’s pursuit. For nine years I was an instructor at George Brown College teaching the technology courses in The Hearing Aid Program. Even though I am no longer on the faculty of this prestigious college, I still continue to mentor the young people entering the profession by providing them with an avenue to complete their clinical practicum (200 hours) and their licensing internship (1000 hours) at our various locations.
I was born in Guyana and immigrated to Canada in 1982. Even though I have spent most of my life in my new home Canada I have always felt the need to try and help my homeland in any way I can. To this end in 1997 I was instrumental in establishing a hearing aid program in conjunction with the Ministry of Health. The program was and continues to be a tremendous success and with my continued input and occasional visits to Guyana to retrain the technicians, it has evolved and spread to all regions of the country. I am very proud of my involvement in this project.

Bibi Nadira Christian (The Mother)

I am a qualified bookkeeper and my job is to make sure that the accounting for the business is up to date and accurate. I too was born in Guyana and immigrated to Canada in 1975. After finishing high school, I attended Humber College and graduated with a diploma in accounting in 1981
I resigned from my bookkeeping position at a law firm and joined Patrick when we opened our first clinic. We have been working together ever since and I have come to appreciate how important hearing is to people. It is a real pleasure to know that we are giving back hearing impaired people their ability to communicate with their loved ones and enjoy an improved quality of life.

Benjamin Christian (The Son)

I am a Hearing Instrument Specialist and I joined my parents in the business in 2012. I made the decision to join them because I thought that the work they were doing would provide me with a wonderful profession and in the process I would play a meaningful part in changing people’s lives. So far I am thoroughly enjoying my decision and the way my career path is developing.
I also think that helping the students and the interns is a very good thing and that is why I play a very active part in mentoring them during their time at our clinics.
In addition to my role as a clinician, I also take care of all the IT related issues. My goal is to make our business a household name through the use of social media. However, our approach is to always treat our clients with dignity and respect and as such at the end of the day the personal touch and attention we provide will always be the cornerstone foundation of our clinics.